Upcycled Denim Levi's Pocket Purse Lavender Zipper, Copper Cord

$ 35.00

Need an extra pocket? This little purse is a unique way to hold your essentials when you don't want to carry a full size bag.

I made one for myself many years ago, and I grab it for EVERY concert. It fits your phone, your keys, some gum and lip balm...ya know, the important stuff.

The length is adjustable. I tied a little knot at the top of mine to make it perfect for me. It has a zipper closure. Makes it a secure "pocket."

I wear it if I already have jeans on, or with a dress. It's a little bit of shabby chic that goes with any attire.

It's the size of a pocket...so if you need reference, look at a pair of jeans in your closet. ;)

The cord is: 26 inches long.
The purse is: 6x5.5 inches with useable, inside dimensions a bit smaller.

I added a little bling on the zipper. It's certainly removable if you have another zipper pull in mind. I also like to add a pin...your favorite band, or saying. Cooler than putting a pin on your shirt.

This purse is surprisingly "go to." Enjoy! ♥