Large Bathing Suit Wrap Around One Piece Swimsuit Metallic Galaxy Print Convertible Swimwear

$ 69.00

BE the whole Universe! ♥
This is a thick and comfortable wrap around bathing suit in the season's hottest print. It is a subtle metallic overlay on a colorful galaxy theme print swimsuit. So trendy right now!

Functional elegance in design, this swimwear is completely versatile. Made from stunning, durable, fashionable fabrics, these suits are convertible and timeless. These bathing suits are virtually one size fits all, as you simply tie it tight enough to fit ANY body!

It is "Sizeless," and will fit anyone up to 500 pounds, because you are PERFECT just the way you are! ♥ If you are already big and beautiful, this suit will give you the extra fabric you need to get creative with your wraps.

The larger the size, the more versatile the looks you can create. Be creative! However you can wrap it, that's how it works. ☺

This is an amazing MATERNITY swimsuit. It will fit you before, during and after your pregnancy!


Machine wash, line dry.