Extra Large Bathing Suit Wrap Around Swimsuit Galaxy Print Plus Size Swimwear

$ 69.00

This is a thin and comfortable wrap around bathing suit in the season's hottest galaxy print. It is modest, plus size swimwear that is unique for women, teens and maternity, and is stunning in subtle colors of teal, pink, and grey with hints of yellow. BE the whole Universe! ♥

The fabric of the XL suit in particualr is a matte jersey knit.

It is "Sizeless," and will fit anyone up to 500 pounds, because you are PERFECT just the way you are! ♥ 

The nature of the design means the suit WILL fit! 

Weight recommendations for doing the CREATIVE WRAPS (the suits will fit doing the basic wrap at a much higher weight range):
Small: up to 100lbs
Medium: up to 125lbs
Large: up to 200lbs
Extra Large: up to 250lbs

Be creative! However you can wrap it, that's how it works. ☺

This is an amazing MATERNITY swimsuit. It will fit you before, during and after your pregnancy!


Machine wash, line dry.